Electric Fireplace Media Walls

Electric fires are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new builds and those renovating due to the building regulations regarding smokeless zones. Electric fires also offer a fantastic alternative to those looking for a more efficient way to heat their home as they are 100% efficient at the point of use. Electric fire media walls are particularly popular as they provide a stunning centerpiece for your room and with the option of having the heater on or just the flickering flames, they can be used all year round. Electric fires also come in a wide range of styles to suit all homes, from contemporary to more traditional designs.


Media Walls have become the latest trendsetting installation in the electric fire sector, tv systems can be neatly installed above a letterbox style inset electric fireplace, bespoke designed walls not only accommodate a fireplace and tv but also many other high tech devices including gaming devices and consoles, three is no need for unsightly wires and plugs, all can be neatly hidden within the media wall.

Modern Lighting Systems

Clients and interior designers now work closely with qualified electrical companies to install the latest lighting systems which can be installed in the ceiling or walls in the same location as the bespoke chimney breast, hundreds of color-changing options are available and can operate within the electric fire remote control system.

Modern Electric Fires

Companies from the UK and Europe supply cutting-edge designs to suit today’s stylish architecture. Installation of a media wall can be cost-effective because they do not have to be installed by a qualified fireplace fitter.


Dekton and Lapitec are popular choices when covering part of a media wall, there is an endless choice of finishes to suit your individual decor, wood veneer is also a popular choice for many consumers.


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